Value Proposition



Member Product Pricing

Members pay only maximum %15 over minimum retail pricing allowed by suppliers.

Lifetime Membership Shares

Members only have to pay once, not annually - $100, plus Maintenance of Membership by Making at least 1 annual purchase.

Preferred Stock Shares

$100 Preferred Shares that will accrue interest at a rate favorable to the cooperative.  Receive payout after 3 years (36 months).

Bulk Purchasing

Members access to bulk ordering of items at further 10% discounted prices.

First Offers for Events

Pre-public offerings on specials such as exclusive film festival events.

Gear Swaps

Access to, and participation in, our bi-annual gear swaps.

Democratic Governance

Member participation and cooperation directing the work of the cooperative.

Patronage Rebate

Per Board of Directors’ budgeting decisions, and based on purchase volume, In the case of year-end surplus.


Members can list used goods for consignment on our online sales portal.

Cutting Edge / Learn Dropshipping

Help lead the development of locally owned and operated online retail to challenge big box stores such as Amazon.  Learn and use the dropshipping strategy with OAC.