Member Prospectus


Human Powered Outdoor Community of hikers, bikers, swimmers, campers, canoeists, kayakers, climbers, birdwatchers, skiiers, snowshoers, backpackers, leaf watchers, & more.

The purpose of this prospectus is to solicit community participation in building & financing, and being members & local users, of services provided by the Outdoor Adventure Cooperative.  A market space has opened with the closing of EMS at Destiny USA Mall, and the closing of Dejulio's Army Navy in downtown Syracuse. Additionally, REI Cooperative, Inc has announced a new store opening in Rochester later this year, which surely indicates they will not be opening in Syracuse any time soon.


To operate successfully as a retail cooperative community of human powered outdoor recreation enthusiasts, to promote outdoor lifestyles that encourage members to enjoy & appreciate the outdoors, and to serve as active stewards of our natural environment.


  • Pursuit of human powered activities while caring for & protecting nature.
  • Provide outdoor gear access through borrowing, repairing, renting, and selling.
  • Share outdoor experience & Organize programming such as outdoor film festivals, gear swaps, kayaking and backcountry cooking lessons.
  • Member-driven, member-owned, and member-responsive.
  • Develop & educate about the cooperative business ownership model & operations.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES The Outdoor Adventure Cooperative will locate near downtown Syracuse, NY; and provide products and services, including but not limited to:

  • Bear canisters, cooking stoves and other general camping supplies
  • Dried backpacking & camping food stuffs, other shelf-stable & artisan food products
  • Bicycle training and DIY repair workshop, and parts sales/picking (free parts for re-use)
  • Quick coffee and snacks spot
  • Outdoor sports equipment and gear as desired by the membership
  • Year-Round outdoor consignment and rentals
  • Mug club in partnership with local micro-breweries (future plan)
  • Weekend Bus Rentals to Adirondacks (future plan)
  • Unique events such as a snowshoe based obstacle race (future plan)
  • Special programming for city youth without access to adventure sports (future plan)


The Outdoor Adventure Co-op will be a membership organization where individuals purchase voting membership shares (one-time fee, one per member).  Once a member, additional non-voting Preferred Shares will also be made available to the member-owner.

Voting Stock (Class A) of 1,000 units at par value of $100.00 are Limited to 1 share per person and confers membership and voting rights; does not pay dividends, but can pay patronage refund; may be sold back to co-op at par value or book value, whichever is lower.  

Preferred Stock (Class B) of 1,000 units at par value of $100.00 are Limited to those who own Class A stock; not limited to 1 share per person; receive priority over other Classes of stock in case of dissolution; offers dividend to holders not exceeding 5%; may be sold back to co-op at par value or book value, whichever is lower.

Member Benefits:

  • One vote in Board of Director elections
  • Ability to help craft rules and policies by serving as committee members
  • Member purchase specials, and discounts to special events
  • A patronage rebate, based on purchase volume, In the case of year-end surplus

Member Responsibilities:

  • Participate in regular operations of the co-op
  • Be familiar with and share the 7 cooperative principles
  • Recruit members and attend annual meeting
  • Assist with raising funds via member loans, direct public offerings, crowdfunding initiatives