12 Reasons

  1. Affordable one-time purchases.  We are a not-for-profit member-owned retail corporation with the goal to not make profit above and beyond operating costs or investment liabilities, so you get a much lower price than at other retail outlets.
  2. Bulk Purchases.  Clubs, youth groups, friends and family, and other organizations can buy multiple items through OAC at discounted prices.  Need a case of freeze-dried camp meals for a family week-long trip? How about 12 headlamps for your youth camp group?
  3. Create a retail resource that you control. Recent closings of EMS at Destiny, and Dejulios from downtown, left a gap in the outdoor retail market.  We’ll stay as long as the members want and support it through purchases and use of services. No owner or corporation will pull this member-owned community resource out from under you.
  4. As a Community.  Stop in on your way out of town on Friday for a gab session around the proverbial fire, who’s going where, which peaks are being bagged, lakes & streams discovered.  Grab that last minute item such as a fuel canister, some sunscreen, etc.
  5. For Planning of Trips.  Check out the carpooling board.  Learn from experienced adventurers.  Check our collection of magazines, trip guides and maps on our campaign table.  Place an order from our supplier. Have a quick coffee from our community carafe.  
  6. As a Laboratory.  Join a committee, form a committee, let’s create together.  Some ideas for upcoming projects include weekend transportation to the Adirondacks.  A nearby rural clubhouse for members. Art exhibitions focusing on outdoor activities.  
  7. As a Repair Workspace.  We’ll have a full bicycle repair workshop available for member use, along with low-cost parts picking!  How about a sewing center for repairing ripped goods? What other ideas for gear repair do you have?
  8. Support Access.  Help us raise funds, collect gear, and make opportunities for urban youth and adults to experience the outdoors.
  9. Invest.  Buy one, or multiple, $100 Preferred Shares that will accrue interest at a rate favorable to the cooperative.  Receive payout after 3 years (36 months).
  10. Opportunities to Learn.  OAC will offer classes and demonstrations throughout the year about outdoor skills and knowledge.
  11. DeClutter!!!  Clean out that closet, garage or attic.  Bring your used items in for purchase by OAC at 30% value.  Enable others to outdoor adventure inexpensively!
  12. Mix & Mingle.  Find the love of your life.  Singles nights anyone? Or just find that next hiking partner, no pressure.  Meet like-minded people and form relationships of all kinds.