That Bright Orange Trowel

That Bright Orange Trowel has been in my backpacking kit for over 20 years now.

That's right, I don't remember the price I paid, but it has certainly lived up to its cost.  I pack the trowel in a plastic bag along with a small container of hand sanitizer.  I put some toilet paper in another smaller plastic bag (to better protect from any chances of getting wet) and have it in the larger plastic bag alongside the trowel and hand sanitizer.  That's my cathole kit, and how it's been for over 20 years.

That Bright Orange Trowel may be the only piece of gear that I have had from day one and still have today.  And as such, it immediately came to mind when I was organizing my thoughts around our initial inventory items.  I wanted something affordable that would serve well and long and was fairly necessary.  Our inventory is small at the moment (it will grow along with our membership and their wants and needs), so I wasn't going to waste my time on inputting something that I didn't believe in.  

That Bright Orange Trowel is affordable at only a couple bucks.  It serves well for digging not only catholes but also for moving dirt or ash around a campfire, is very lightweight, and a bright color to help prevent it getting lost if laid down on the ground.  It serves long (that's right, over 20 years now).  It's fairly necessary unless you want to dig your hols with a stick, and go ahead and try that in rocky terrain.

I hope we'll have many more shared stories of the gear we love and why we love it.  Please consider becoming a member today.

Frank Cetera, Vice-President and Co-Founder, Outdoor Adventure Cooperative, Inc.