Slow Rollin in the City – A relaxing way to experience Syracuse

Anyone that regularly rides a bike knows it’s a great way to experience your surroundings as you glide along. And while the countryside can be enjoyable, for me, riding through Syracuse’s diverse and interesting neighborhoods has a special attraction.

The architecture, the variety of plant life, the people, and the ever present chance to see something curious or exciting makes these rides always different, always an adventure. And like most things, riding with other people makes the adventure that much more enjoyable. Sharing the sights, sharing conversation, and sharing the road is a great way to ride.

Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to find someone to ride with. But there is a solution to that problem! We are lucky enough to have several different recreational bike rides scheduled throughout the riding season, both in the city and in the surrounding area. The latest one I went on was Slow Roll Syracuse , which runs every Monday (weather permitting) from various locations around the city. The run on June 11 th began at 6 PM at the new Mello Velo bike shop, went downtown to Armory square, then back up to the near north-east side. It was a perfect evening for a ride, and it was a pretty easy little ride. There were 25 + riders, ranging from 60 + to a 10 or 11 year old. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and we got to see some of our great city. Their next ride is Monday June 25 th starting at the Eastwood Brewing company.

Another great recreational ride is Cycle in the City , which is put on by the Onondaga county health department. These rides are monthly, through October, and they start down at Armory square. There is usually 2 routes, a 10 mile and a 20 mile. The longer one can be challenging at times- we are a city of hills- but they are both very enjoyable. And you will get a chance to meet lots of great people.

Finally, the Onondaga Cycling club has several rides every week, ranging from slow and easy recreational rides to intense workouts and time trials. The slow and easy ones are in suburbs of the city, so check them out to see if there is one near you.